Cyclists from Virovitica came to Medjugorje for the Youth Festival

date: 01.08.2017.

Young cyclists arrived to Medjugorje from Virovitica on July 31, after six of them began their 690 km long journey on July 26. Upon arriving, they prayed at the Statue of Our Lady. For some of them this is the fifth time to come to this place filled with prayer.

This is what they told us in the programme of radio station „Mir” Međugorje: „We are a group of youth from Virovitica and we gathered in our free will to start this trip to Medjugorje with our own intentions. Some plan to return home by bus and few of us will cycle through Bosnia and Herzegovina back home. Each time we came here was different. This cannot be described in words, only when you come here after six days, you can see how much you were given to this, to our intentions we carried for families or friends. We slept in the houses of families in different parishes. We thank all who took us in and who made our trip easier and more comfortable. Before starting this journey, we were praying novena to the Holy Spirit. The theme of this year for us is: For once you were full of darkness, but now you have light from the Lord. So life as people of light! We have chosen this as we would like to show how we all converted in one way and since then we live our faith and invite other people to that too. In our hobbies and sports we wanted to show to people how our trip to Medjugorje was not so difficult, there was much laughter and singing. Medjugorje is a special place, this is where we find peace, confessions are special as this place is filled with the prayer.”(radio station „Mir” Međugorje/