Concert of the Musical School of Pavle Markovac from Zagreb held in Medjugorje

date: 10.10.2015.

The students of the Musical School of Pavle Markovac from Zagreb, held their concert on Thursday, October 8, at the Hall of St. John Paul II, as a part of the cultural event 12th Days of Fr. Didak Buntic. Their guests at the concert were students of the Elementary Musical School Brotnjo, as well as the YouFra choir. Fr. Marinko Šakota greeted all present at the very beginning. The Principal of the Musical School, Mr. Josip Vrbanec said that this is the ninth time for them to participate at this event, and the concert was given to Medjugorje parish and to Mother's Village: „We participated from the beginning at all of the concerts, and for us, one of the most favorite ones is the one we give to Mother's Village. During our second concert in Mother's Village, one of the students that is now studying in the United States, came to me and told me that that was the most beautiful performance for him ever. Those children were so patient and so wonderful while they were listening to us. It was indeed special event!” - said Mr. Vrbanec. (photos)