date: 01.07.2009.

Community Merciful Father, that is part of Mother's Village in Bijakovici, which is specialized in recovering drug addicts, celebrated very important event on Saturday: opening of a new, fourth house in place Gomiljak close to Kiseljak, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Fr. Pero Brkic, the Head of Caritas of Vrhbosna Archbishopric, celebrated Holy Mass at 11 and following priests concelebrated: Fr. Svetozar Kraljevic, Fr. Marinko Stantic and Fr. Jozef Pavlekovic. New house was solemnly blessed after Holy Mass. This event was opportunity for many boys, their parents and friends of the community to gather. At the moment there are nine boys in the house. Fr. Pero emphasised how community Merciful Father is both the father and the mother of this house, and that Vrhbosna Archbishop Cardinal Vinko Puljic was the one who gave the initiative for this house to be opened, primarily since the number of the young drug addicts is increased every day. Afterwards, Fr. Svetozar and Fr.Pero just continued with the project. Fr. Svetozar Kraljevic, the Head of Community Merciful Father said: “This house is one drop in the sea, the sign of hope, one step we will make as a sign that Church does not want to ignore the tragedy of today’s society and culture, but on the contrary that it wants to support and stand up for them. (foto)