Community “Apostles of Mary, the Queen of Peace” from Peru at the Youth Festival

date: 02.08.2015.

Leticia Blanco Gordon from Peru gave a testimony at the Youth Festival on Sunday, August 2 and she spoke about how the community “Apostles of Mary, the Queen of Peace” was created. This community is the fruit of Medjugorje and they will celebrate 15 years of their activity this year. She told us that everything began in 1991, when she was only 19 years old. She was invited to attend one Marian conference about the apparitions in Medjugorje and that deeply touched her life. She said: “I felt in my heart that Gospa wanted us to promote prayer of the Holy Rosary and to pray for Her Immaculate Heart to conquer. In 1994, I had a grace to come here for the first time and I received confirmation of what I felt. In 1996, Our Lady took us to various trips and during one Medjugorje conference in Latin America, I was chosen as a representative of the youth for the movement of Mary, the Queen of Peace, in whole Latin America. I felt in my heart that the Lord was asking of me to leave my job and to start evengelisation. In the year 2000, we were still working on spreading Our Lady’s messages. It was then when the Holy Spirit placed in my heart desire to found the community of lay people in Peru. That community is the fruit of Medjugorje and it is called – Apostles of Mary, the Queen of Peace. We were blessed to have the blessing from the priest since the very beginning. Once the community was born, we consecrated ourselves to Mary’s Immaculate Heart, so the Kingdom of Jesus would begin through Her. The Holy Spirit placed in our hearts desire to open the house where we would have our community, but we did not have money or the site where we could build. The Providence of our Lord gave us a hill at the place where the desert used to be. We started to construct the house of the Apostles of the Queen of Peace with the faith and in the prayer. As the time was passing by, the Providence of God was more evident. The hill was not easy grounds to build on, as we did not have enough money, we had to do all of the works manually, people had to dig through the entire hill. Our Lady, however, continued to touch the hearts of generous people so all of the works would speed up. Besides the chapel, we also have the Way of the Cross at the hill. The conversions were indeed massive and up to this day that work has not stopped. We are praying all the time in reparation for the sins done against the Immaculate Heart of Mary and we wish to thank God and Gospa as many priests and religious were able to renew their spiritual life in our community. Again, with the Providence of the Lord, new vocations were created and many broken marriages were healed. It was the power of prayer that made this work continue up to now and the trust in Jesus turned this desert hill above Lima into the place of pilgrimages to the Queen of Peace. Our community is opened for everyone.“