Collaborators of the Queen of Peace

date: 04.09.2007.

A prayer initiative called “Collaborators of the Queen of Peace” was initiated in November 2004, in Zadar (Croatia). It was inspired by the repeated calls of Our Lady: “Pray, pray, pray”. The fundamental characteristic of this prayer initiative is to find half an hour a day for prayer.

Membership is growing on an ongoing basis, and today there are 600 members. All of them are well aware of the promise that their day is not over unless they have found time for half an hour in prayer before God. The prayer element may involve either the recitation of the Rosary, Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament or any other prayers. It may simply involve staying in the church for half an hour – even without words.

To date, this initiative has been adopted in 22 countries (Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Poland, Denmark, Switzerland, France, Malta, Albania, Serbia, Slovenia, Portugal, the USA, Argentina, Montenegro, Canada, Lebanon, DR Congo and China). New members are always welcome, because Our Lady is constantly underlining the necessity of prayer.

This prayer initiative has been launched and is led by Mons. Eduard Pericic, professor of Church History in Zadar, and regular member of the Pontifical Marian Academy in Rome. From the very beginning of the apparitions, he has been observing the spiritual events of Medjugorje and writing about them.

Contact: Mons. Eduard Pericic, Trg sv. Stosije 1, Zadar, Croatia.