Choir Mihovil from Split in Medjugorje

date: 21.03.2014.

Many pilgrims from all over the world are coming to Medjugorje and many of them end up as our guests in the radio programme of Radio Mir Medjugorje. This last Wednesday, on the feast of St. Joseph, members of the choir Mihovil from Split were our guests. They gave their testimonies and sang as a part of our show Evening of the spiritual music. This choir was established in 2006, and they are active in the parish Kamen in Split. At the moment they have around 30 members, and they were named after their patron saint, St. Michael, while their leader is Mate Pocrnjic. This choir was noticeable at many festivals of the spiritual music, such as Uskrsfest, Hosanafest, Marijafest, Papafest and Krapinafest. In 2009, they have also published CD with their own music, called “Embrace of love”, that contains 12 songs that are fruit of their meditations and prayer.