date: 10.08.2009.

On Sunday, August 9th, 2009 in the Parish church of St. James’ in Međugorje Fr. Ante Perković, Fr. Oton Bilić, Fr. Ferdo Majić, Fr. Dinko Maslać, Fr. Ivan Kvesić and Fr. Ljubo Krasić celebrated 45 years of their priesthood. Solemn Holy Mass was celebrated by Fr. Ljubo Krasić, who is at service in Chicago. Fr. Miljenko šteo, Vicar in the Province greeted them at the beginning of celebration congratulating them on their jubilee on behalf of Herzegovinian Franciscan Province and on behalf of Međugorje Parish priest Fr. Petar Vlašić. Fr. Ljubo spoke in the homily about his family, about how he became a priest, emphasizing how he and his brothers heard Jesus’ words as invitation and followed Him in the times when it wasn’t easy and safe to be a priest.

“The Lord led us through schools, from town to town, from country to country, from continent to continent, in the times when we didn’t have our country, our seminary and novice. We praise and celebrate Him for we have everything, and especially for having this Our Lady’s place, for having her intercession and love, place and altar where we celebrate the Lord with all nations of the world!, said Fr. Ljubo and conveyed to youth and their parents that they wouldn’t have become St. Frances’ followers if they didn’t have parents who had spirit of St. Frances, inspiration, faith, acceptance of difficulties and political persecutions as a plan and gift of God.” Fr. Ljubo, Fr. Oton, Fr. Ferdo, Fr. Dinko, Fr. Ivan and Fr. Ljubo were ordained in Široki Brijeg on August 2, 1964.