Catholic University „Queen of Peace“ in Honduras

date: 02.09.2015.

Danli is a small town, surrounded with the mountains in the province El Paraiso, at the very south of Honduras, where in 2006, faithful built very authentic replica of the church of St. James from Medjugorje. Two surrounding hills were turned into Apparition Hill and Cross Mountain and they also constructed the area of the Blue Cross. Their local bishop declared that place as a shrine and ever since then little town Danli, the name of it meaning “mountains bathed in water”, became the centre of pilgrims from all over the Latin America. The church of St. James was built in one campus of the Catholic University “Queen of Peace” that belongs to the archdiocese Tegucigalpe. The rector of the University, dr. sc. Elio David Alvarenga, is a great friend of Medjugorje and he loves Gospa so much. The Head of the University, Rosaria Fernandez and her son Victor were in Medjugorje in the last few days. Rosaria was our guest at the radio station „Mir“ Medjugorje and she told us that she came here for the first time in 1986, while Victor’s first time was in 2003. „It was in 1983 or 1984, that I read a book about Medjugorje and I liked it a lot. What I like the most about Medjugorje is the vicinity of our Mother. I think we always come here in the right moment for us”, said Rosaria and Victor added that their university is under the mantle of Our Lady: „All of us working there, as well as the students are trying to live Marian spirituality. The university built a shrine. The replica of the church of St. James from Medjugorje was built in one small town and that increased devotion to Mary even more. People started to wonder about what was happening there. Little by little, the university was trying to create the atmosphere one can find in Medjugorje. In 2012, we started the project of Cross Mountain and Apparition Hill and a year ago we built the White Dome, just like in Medjugorje. In 2013, there was the first Youth Festival held, with the programme similar to Medjugorje one.” (photos)