Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Vatican’s Secretary of State speaks of Medjugorje

date: 02.11.2017.

After the ceremony of blessings of the Great Hall of the Croatian Catholic University in Zagreb, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State, held a press conference on Monday, October 30, on which occasion he answered a question regarding Medjugorje. As the Informative Catholic Agency reports, this is what the Cardinal said:

„Yesterday, while I was flying to Croatia from Rome to Split, I was able to meet a big group of pilgrims from Argentina who were travelling to Medjugorje. Recently, I spoke to some people who told me that there is a great interest for Medjugorje. As far as I know, there was a great gathering for the youth held this summer in that place. You know that that the Commission for investigation of this phenomenon was established and this Commission filed and submitted their results to the Holy Father. Naturally, when it comes to the supernatural character of the events in Medjugorje, at the same time there is the whole issue regarding pastoral care taking place in Medjugorje, which is of the highest interest at the moment considering the number of pilgrims who are coming there. Therefore, it was the desire of the Holy See to help regulating that phenomenon, so all faithful who are coming to Medjugorje could listen to the Word of God, celebrate the sacraments, and thus have an authentic experience of faith. Archbishop Hoser was recently appointed for that purpose, precisely so that he could study the issue of pastoral care at the site and inform the Holy See about the situation, but again I am emphasising it was all with the purpose of responding to the challenges of the pastoral care. The goal was to gather as much information as possible and see which would be the following step in that matter to be undertaken.“