Came to Medjugorje for the first time

date: 09.06.2015.

Fr. Silvano Ruaro from Italy came to Medjugorje for the first time recently. Ever since 1970, he’s been working like a missionary in Congo and he expressed his joy for having arrived here: „This year I will celebrate the 50th anniversary of my priesthood, as I was ordained on June 25, 1965. My friend suggested me to join him on this trip, and I arrived here to be in prayer and silence just for that reason. I spend most of my time in the Adoration Chapel, in silent prayer at the places where Gospa appeared and I need this silence as our life as missionaries is very active and filled. People call us all the time”. This is what Fr. Silvano told us about his work in Congo: „In the last 45 years I was engaged mostly with education and upbringing of the youth. I established many schools and I am now in Pygmies for the last two years. When it comes to Pygmies, the most important thing is to be among them, to love them and to be aware that they have their own pride and dignity. I work with them a lot in the fields and I get them tools for agricultural works. There is a saying in their native language that says: work is a joy. I see they understood that and they are now selling their products. Before, they used to work in the fields of other tribes, but now they are becoming more independent which is very important for them. Pygmies live in the small groups of 30-40 people and they are very far from each other as they live in the woods. It is very hard to organise school in such conditions, but we have a plan of building one big boarding school that would host all those children. It is very hard to come closer to them, as they do not open their hearts easily. The first thing that we want to do is to come close to them and we hope we would be able to pass on the message of the Holy Gospel to them”, said Fr. Silvano.