Came from Our Lady’s Nazareth in Gospa’s Medjugorje

date: 27.07.2014.

In the beginning of July we had chance to interview pilgrims from Israel, from Nazareth adn two of them were our guests in the programme of radio station Mir Medjugorje – Mrs. Therese Daoud and Fr. Souhail Khoury. Fr. Souhail said that he came to Medjugorje twelve years ago for the first time, he is married because he is part of the Greek – Catholic Church: “I work in the region of Galilee and apart from the regular activities in my pastoral work, ever since my first trip to Medjugorje, we began to meet in the prayer communities called Mary’s family. During these twelve years we are gathering once a month in the various villages and towns and in the various churches. There were 50 of us in the beginning and now there are hundreds of us and we meet in all Christian churches in Galilee, usually on Fridays and Saturdays, depending on the availability of the church. We have adopted the prayer programme from Medjugorje: Rosary and music, Holy Mass and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. I am also active in the social networks and I use them to spread Gospa’s messages every 25th in the month. We also meet groups of pilgrims that come from here to Holy Land and we are all connected in that way. I would like to say one more thing: ‘If there was no Nazareth, we would not have had Medjugorje.’ Medjugorje is so dear to us, we feel deep faith here. I can witness that all pilgrims return from here being different and they all witness to others about what they had here and how faith changed them”, said Fr. Khoury and gave all listeners his blessing at the end.

Mrs. Therese Daoud made a vow to come to Medjugorje after she was miraculously cured. She was diagnosed with cancer in her leg and doctors were suggesting that she should have her leg amputated. “After the check up in the hospital, I prayed all the time. I found consolation in prayer and I only prayed to come close to God and His will, for Him to bless me and my family so we would be able to accept the illness and its consequences. The surgery kept being rescheduling and I took that as a sign not to proceed with it. I continued to pray even more and the others prayed with me, encouraged me to feel better. During the visit of Vicka, the visionary in Nazareth, I was in the church and I prayed with the whole prayer community who was present there. In the moment of the apparition, we all prayed hard to Gospa. Afterwards, I returned to the hospital, for more tests and after ten days I received news that cancer was no longer there. They decided to do some additional tests and all that confirmed that I was healthy. All that time, my family prayed with me and we also asked person close to Vicka to recommend me to Gospa. I made vow to come to Medjugorje, to visit places of prayer – Cross Mountain, Apparition Hill and Blue Cross and to climb all those places in my both feet. I feel happy, content and full of faith now. I came here with my whole family”, said Mrs. Therese and added that her doctor encouraged her to witness about this to others as much as possible.