Came from Krizevci, Croatia by bicycle to Medjugorje

date: 23.06.2015.

Pilgrims are coming to Medjugorje in various ways and by various means. In these days, prior to the 34th Anniversary of Gospa’s apparitions, we had chance to talk to Radek Nikolic, 48 years old man from Krizevci, who arrived to Medjugorje on June 22, 2015, after 5 days of travelling and 600 kilometres behind him. He told us that his journey was not easy, but it was easy to do it with the prayer. He said that he has been coming to Medjugorje since 2000, but this is his second pilgrimage by bicycle: “I came to Medjugorje to thank God, to thank Gospa for all of the graces in my family. I had many worries and troubles lately, but I decided to go to Medjugorje once all of that was over.” Radek will stay in Medjugorje for a few days and will return home also on bicycle.