Came from Krizevci, Croatia by bicycle to Medjugorje

date: 20.06.2014.

Pilgrims arrive to Medjugorje in various ways and in these days, as we are approaching 33rd anniversary of Our Lady’s apparitions, we had chance to meet two friends, 46 years old Rade Nikolic and 54 years old Ivan Cvrtilo from Krizevci who arrived to Medjugorje on bicycle on Feast of Corpus Christi in the evening time. After five days of travelling and 531 kilometres, they came and thanked Gospa for their safe arrival. Their trip was not easy because of the rain they had all the time, but prayer helped them a lot. Ivan was coming to Medjugorje by bicycle also in 2000, and Rade told us that he comes very often with his family. “We began our journey on Sunday, June 15 in the early morning hours and arrival to Medjugorje was really special. When one comes here, he is really filled with joy, blessing and peace”, they said and thanked everyone who helped them on their pilgrimage. They are staying in Medjugorje for few days and told us that they are planning to return to Krizevci also on bicycle.