Came from Honduras and Florida for seminar for married couples

date: 16.07.2014.

During the seminar for married couples, we had chance to meet two couples that came from distant countries. One of them is Edith Dantes – Castillo and Jose Dantes – Castillo from Florida – Miami, and other Elio David Alvarenga and Lourdes Alvarenga from Honduras. Jose told us that he is here for the second time since there are so many things to learn for his family. Lourdes and Elio have ten children. This is their ninth time in Medjugorje and the first time to be here at seminar. “When I invited my husband to come with me to Medjugorje, he told me that I lost my mind. But after so many trips, he is now the one who is in love with Medjugorje, just like Jose”, said Lourdes.