Came by bicycle to Medjugorje for the 25th International Youth Festival

date: 31.07.2014.

Two young friends, Mato Topic and Matej from Cepin, town close to Osijek in Croatia, came by bicycle to Medjugorje on July 30 to be here for the 25th International Youth Festival. In eight days time they travelled more than 800 kilometres. Mato said that the idea for this was born in him when he heard from his friends that they took this same trip to Medjugorje by bicycle two years ago: “I thought of going alone, but Matej suggested that we should come together. We began our trip on July 22. There were hard moments, but thanks to God, we were able to come. I was here also last year for the Youth Festival. I was mostly impressed by the spirit of prayer, so many young people at one place and love for the Lord that unites us all, regardless of where we came from”, said 19 years old Mato who was coming to Medjugorje before. He told us that he in entering into the Franciscan Novice in September: “I used to play football, which was the most important for me in my life. I fell into the sin and that created big emptiness in me. That is when a turnover in my life took place, after I was present at one prayer meeting. The Lord touched me, I told him that I want to do what is good. I simply got to know the joy that comes from the Lord and peace that only he can give. Through a period of time and prayer I was also able to feel that the Lord was calling me to become a priest. That makes me joyful.”