Books for Mother'sVillage

date: 26.05.2009.

A group of pilgrims from Zagreb led by Krešo William Bello and the writer Nevenka Vidak decided to help actively the children from Mother’s Village. They collected books and donated books edited by their own publishing houses, so that Mother’s Village library was enriched by different new books, mostly for children, as well as encyclopedias, tales, novels…

Sister Mirela Kurevija who is in charge of helping the children to do their homework, but is also leading the drama section, organizing birthdays, recitals, excursions, is equally in charge of the house library. She told us: „The idea to create a house library came from Fr. Svetozar Kraljević, director of Mother’s Village. A donation of books from Slovenia made him realize the need of children for good and new books. Because of financial difficulties, the school and city libraries in Bosnia and Herzegovina offer mostly old books from the communist times. The Mother’s Village library was gradually buying the most needed titles, and receiving donations. This new donation will help to quench the thirst of children for knowledge and enrich their free moments with new contents.”