Book „Do not break the crushed reed: Life with God-given difficulties” launched in Medjugorje

date: 18.06.2017.

On Saturday, June 17, after the evening prayer programme, as a part of the 6th International pilgrimage for persons with disabilities, there was a presentation of the book “Do not break the crushed reed: Life with God-given difficulties”, authors Fr. Goran Azinović, OFM and Fr. Zvonko Benković, OFM. The presentation was with the authors, as well as with the lecturer at this year’s pilgrimage Fr. Ante Vučković, Tonina Ibrulj, and Anela Korać, who illustrated this book. Fr. Marin Karačić made this presentation more special with his singing. This book was also translated to English.

Fr. Goran Azinović just before this event gave interview for radio Mir Medjugorje and said: „Couple of us priests and dear people said it was beautiful to work with childred with difficulties and how we can learn so much from them. But, it is not enough just to work, there must be something left, in writing, so people would see how this is done and what it means. That is how we decided to publish this book and we decided each year to make a project and publish something. These children are like crushed reed, they are in need and we can help them fix that, that is what is important, not to break, especially in this world today that rejects all people who have difficulties and who suffer. This was what motivated us, to wake up people and their awareness, as there are more and more children being born with disabilities. The book was made spontaneously, Fr. Zvonko and I are editors, but we worked on the phone and online all the time. We spoke to each other and that is how the book was made. Fr. Zvonko is the professor of Croatian language in Visoko and he also works with children with disabilities. The Providence united us, we also moved some other priests to participate in this book, like Fr. Svetozar Kraljević, Fr. Ante Vučković, Fr. Tomislav Pervan, and there are many stories of many families, parents, students – all have their own stories and experiences”, said Fr. Goran. All profit of sale of this book goes for the Association “Encounter” from Čitluk. (photos)