date: 14.03.2014.

Mons. Adriano Langa, OFM, who used to be the General Definitor of the Franciscan Order, and now is a Bishop of Diocese Inhambana in Mozambique came to the visit to our Province. He was accompanied by Fr. Stojan Damjanovic and they visited Medjugorje, Humac and Mostar. His brothers were glad to welcome him in all of these places and they introduced him to the life and work of the Province and he was happy to hear all that. He also gave a presentation of his own Diocese that is stretching over 68.000 square meters and is 700 kilometres long. He has 22 parishes, 650 Christian communities and 43 priests. The people there are very poor and he was grateful for the least help he could receive for his Diocese and faithful. Mons. Langa was in Medjugorje before and came here for the first time in the mid 90’s, just of the curiosity because he heart about this place from brothers Franciscans who were serving in Congo. During his visit in 2012, he told us that he got to know Medjugorje as a place of prayer: “I always say to people that Medjugorje is a place that one needs to get to know, because Medjugorje is inviting us to prayer, it is a place of encounters with God.”