Biljana Pesorda: “I always return home from Medjugorje with new strength”

date: 11.11.2013.

Pilgrims from Italy, France, Portugal, Germany, the United States, Singapore, Canada, Brazil and Croatia were in Medjugorje in the last few days. We had chance to meet Biljana Pesorda, a pilgrim and composer of the spiritual music from Slavonski Brod, who at the same time is a mother to eight children. She said that it is beautiful to live in such a big family and it is a fulfillment of everything she ever wanted. “God was merciful and gave me a big family with beautiful, healthy and smart children”, said Biljana and she added that apart from family her biggest joy is to compose the spiritual music. She published the first independent album “It is good to praise Yahweh” and she has twelve new songs there. Eight years ago she started composing music: “We feel that God entrusted us that mission of praising Him. It is something that deeply fulfills my heart and my life. Along with my family, it is something so important for me and I cannot imagine my life without music and praising God.” She came to Medjugorje with one prayer community for the first time in 1990: “This is a place of peace; it is always good to return here and to renew our strength. I always love coming here to this place of peace and prayer. There are always many important moments here and I always return home with new strength.”