Apostolic Visit of His Holiness Pope Francis to Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) - Press conference on the flight from Sarajevo to Rome, 07.06.2015.

date: 08.06.2015.

Silvije Tomašević:

Good evening,your Holiness. Many Croats came on this pilgrims and they are all asking whether Your Holliness is planning to come to Croatia...Since, we are in Bosnia and Herzegovina, there is also great interest for the opinion regarding Medjugorje phenomenon su...

Pope Francis:

Holy Father Benedikt XVI established during his mandate, the Commission whose President was Cardinal Camillo Ruini, along with other Cardinals, theologians and experts, and their task was to investigate the phenomenon of Medjugorje. Cardinal Ruini came to me and gave me their study upon completing their work after a few years, perhaps 3-4 years, more less, I am not sure. They have done huge, huge work. Cardinal Müller [Head of Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith] told me that he would organise “feria quarta” [meeting for that purpose] around this time; I believe that this meeting was held on the last Sunday in the month. But I am not sure...[remark of Fr. Lombardi: actually, this meeting did not take place yet]. We are close to bringing decision. We will inform the public about it. At the moment, only frame guidelines are given to bishops, based on the guidelines that will be made. Thank you!