Annual pilgrimage of Totus Tuus Community to Medjugorje

date: 25.08.2017.

Totus Tuus Community organised their annual pilgrimage to Medjugorje from August 8-13. This was one of the most numerous pilgrimages with more than 200 participants of all ages. We began our journey on Monday late in the day and we spent five whole days in Medjugorje. After the morning Holy Mass on Sunday, we began our journey back home. We had many opportunities in those days to open our hearts to the Lord in the personal prayer, in Holy Masses, sacrament of reconciliation, Adorations to Jesus, silence, prayer on Apparition Hill and Cross Mountain. It was five days of prayer, praise and worship, children’s dancing, sacrifices, struggles, joy, tears, inner cleansing, acknowledgments and spiritual rest…

As we were returning home we listened to many testimonies with joy in our hearts. We were able to see all changes that occurred within us, but we were also unaware of many graces we received and of those things that changed in us for good. This is just waiting to be discovered. The greatest challenge of the Gospel, though, is to live decisions we made and to continue to live Medjugorje in our everyday life. Our Lady is inviting us to be apostles of her love in this world and we wish to respond to that invitation! Thank you Gospa for your great motherly love and all the graces you have bestowed upon us! (photos)