Annual meeting of members of Association “Fra Slavko Barbaric” held in Medjugorje

date: 30.12.2009.

Annual meeting of members of Association “Fra Slavko Barbaric” was held in Medjugorje on December 30, 2009. The President of the Association, Dr. Fr. Miljenko Steko, opened the meeting at 2 p.m. with prayer and greeting of all the students, thanking all of the members on their cooperation and joint work. President has also thanked numerous benefactors, who despite many difficulties and problems in this year of recession, were prepared to help out and contribute to the work of Association. In this academic year 265 students have signed up for scholarship, out of those 228 fulfilled prerequisites for receiving scholarship. Also, in this year Association received many requests for short term help.
Afterwards, Fr. Danko Perutina spoke to the members of Association, inviting them that they do not forget to help to the others, once they finish their studies. Students also participated at the lecture given by Archbishop of Vienna, Dr. Christoper Cardinal Schoenborn, and later at the evening prayer programme in the church of St. James.
In 1991 Foundation “Friends of Talents” was founded in Medjugorje, with intention of material and spiritual help to talented and less privileged students. Founder and idea creator, as well as President of Foundation until his death was late Fr. Slavko Barbaric, member of Herzegovinian Franciscan Province. Because of Fr. Slavko’s huge contribution in the work of Foundation, the Assembly that met in 2001 decided to rename the title of Foundation in Association “Fra Slavko Barbaric”. Along with material help, Association organises numerous other spiritual and cultural activities, and their members are striking out in their talents and knowledge at many universities in our country, as well as abroad.