Andrea Bianco: „I would likes many people to experience graces I received in Međugorje“

date: 15.10.2015.

Andrea Bianco, 45-years old pilgrim from Bolzano, town at the north of Italy, visited Medjugorje in the last few days. He was a guest at the radio station „Mir“ Međugorje and shared the story of his life with us. When he was 21, he had very severe car accident and lost his sight. He said that it was through the grace of God that he survived. His life was changed afterwards, but he did not despair, rather accepted all that as the huge grace. He said that his spiritual journey was enriched by the advice of one Carmelite priest who told him: „How blessed you are to have a cross“. In that moment he wanted to swap places with that priest, but as the time passed by, he understood why he told him this. Andrea is married and has four children. He is active in many organisations for blind and partially sighted persons, he also makes sculptures in woods, marble and ceramics. He came to Medjugorje in 1998, for the first time, at first with doubts about what was happening here, as he heard various opinions about it. This is his 40th time to have arrived here, and besides coming with his family, he also brings groups of pilgrims. „When I came here for the first time, I was quite indifferent, but it was later when I started to gather the fruits of Medjugorje. I understood that people here prayed with great devotion and I began to appreciate the silence. I started going to daily Holy Mass and every now and then, I begin new spiritual journey. That is why I wish to include as many people as possible into my pilgrimages, as I wish more people to feel joy and grace I received here. Whenever I can, I record homilies, prayers and testimonies. Later, I transcribe those and publish that at web sit, so mir people would feel joy and graces I received here, especially those who are not able to come to Medjugorje. The parish church and adoration chapel in Medjugorje are my favorite places, as there I can encounter living Jesus“, said Andrea.