Activities of the Franciscan Youth Medjugorje

date: 03.02.2015.

For the last 20 years, the Franciscan Youth is active in Medjugorje and their members Zdravka Šego, Antonija Sivrić and Marija Vasilj, presented their activities in the programme of radio Mir Medjugorje. Their president, Zdravka said that YouFra has around 130 members and last Sunday they had ceremony of solemn vows and promises: „Not all of our members were there as some of them were not ready.  105 members gave their vows. Our YouFra is active in various activities and groups such as creative, music, reading, media, multimedia… We participated in humanitarian actions, our music group very often sings at Holy Masses and we are also often invited to sing in the other parishes. Our creative group is actively participating in the humanitarian actions that we organise in our parish.” Marija and Antonija gave their first promises on Sunday. Marija, leader of creative group said that this is a new start for her: „We are invited to follow St. Francis, and that is huge challenge as we all know what kind of a man he was. He was different than everyone else, and he lived in a different say as well. Today, we are invited to witness him wherever we are, at school and in the church... To witness and to live the way he was. ”Antonija said that it is a huge blessing to be in YouFra: „I gave my first promise on Sunday and that is incredible feeling when we stand before the altar and give promise to God to follow Him and life of St. Francis, to spread the Gospel and to be example to all others”. Marija also introduced creative section that has 30 active members: „Feedback is great and many are interested, they see what they create and become very proud. We made in Advent various cards and decorations and all money went for charity. We were also busy preparing for this event and making gifts for others as well as the invitation cards", said Marija, and  Zdravka added that they will soon have the spiritual retreat and they plan to organize school for animators.