Action “In Favour of Life”

date: 01.03.2005.

Radio “Mir” Medjugorje has started a humanitarian action called “Za život” (In Favour of Life). Cardinal Vinko Puljic, archbishop of Vrhbosna (Sarajevo), President of the Counsel for the Family of the Bishops’ Conference of Bosnia and Herzegovina, has encouraged this project saying that, however, people should not live from donations, but from their own work. “The responsibility of the society is to make it possible that people live from their work.” The Cardinal, who is coming from a numerous family, has encouraged in a special way the creation of an Association of numerous families. He said: “This is very much needed in our region. Together, we are stronger. The rights have to be fought for.” The initiative for this action is coming from the radio show on family issues “Oasis of Life”, broadcasted for two and a half years now, and edited by Visnja Spajic. The action “In Favour of Life” is inviting faithful, citizens, businessmen, families and all those who can help, to sustain one concrete family with many children but not enough means for life.

The first stimulation came from the fact that we can see all around us families with numerous children, who hardly manage to cover their material needs, and the institutions are not resolving these problems. On the other hand, all around us there are couples who, in spite of a great desire, do not have their own offspring, although they would be able to raise them spiritually and materially. If couples without children would accept to sustain one child from a numerous family, the satisfaction for doing it would probably be greater that the help, which they would offer to a family.

We went even a step further, supposing that there will be a large number of those who want to help, and seeing the great needs of large families. Since we have announced the beginning of the action “In Favour of Life”, numerous citizens are calling us with the desire to send their contribution. Some, who are listening to Radio “Mir” Medjugorje through satellite, are calling us even from some European countries. At the same time, numerous families from all over Bosnia and Herzegovina are calling with the desire to become members of the Association of numerous families, whose official creation is in course.
All those who want to take part in the humanitarian action “In Favour of Life” may call us by phone: 00 387 36 651-100 or 651-555, and they will get the information about a concrete family, which will receive this gift as a gift of God, with love and gratitude, just as it is receiving the gift of life in its numerous offspring. All the families who want to become members of the Association of numerous families may call us at the same number. If you want to help, you may also write to us by e-mail: