A pilgrims walked from Spain to Medjugorje

date: 29.05.2012.

Diego Garcia Nunez arrived to Medjugorje after five months of walking from his native Cordoba in Spain, through Santiago de Compostela, Rome and Padua. This sixty- four years old pilgrim walked more than 3000 kilometres to fulfil his vow. Five years ago, he was diagnosed with cancer and he decided to walk to Medjugorje to Our Lady if he ever got better. He heard about Medjugorje when he was listening to Radio Maria, fifteen years ago. Exactly a year ago, his doctors told him that his cancer was gone and he decided to walk in thanksgiving to Our Lady, the Queen of Peace.
Throughout May, the month of Our Lady, there were many smaller or larger groups that arrived to Medjugorje from Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, England, Ireland, France, Romania, Korea, Belgium, Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Brazil, the United States, Lebanon, Poland, Portugal and Canada.