A letter to friends

date: 03.12.2005.

Dear benefactors and friends of Medjugorje,

We have entered into the time of Advent, a time of expectation. Each one of us in his own way, personally, within the family, and in the community, is trying to prepare the way for the One who is coming.

He continues to come and to seek us. He continues to send prophets who announce this. Mary, His mother and our Mother, is from the very beginning his nearest disciple and reliable collaborator. On innumerable occasions throughout history she has proved this. In our days, God sends Her as Queen of Peace. He sends Her to teach us the divine wisdom of peace. He sends Her to teach us what brings us peace, and what destroys it. We are grateful to God and we praise Him for all those who in prayer, reconciliation, fasting, reception of the sacraments and reading of the Holy Scripture have come to know the divine wisdom of peace.

Through innumerable friends and benefactors, our nation has experienced, in a marvellous way, that union with God generates solidarity and self-sacrificing help to people in distress. We have experienced distress and love. Through your work and help during and after the war, God has spoken with bountiful goodness.

During ten years, you have done unforgettable things through the association “Medjugorje-Mir”. Thank you for having enabled us to be untiring mediators of your love. Thank you for having answered Her call.

The time of Christmas is also a time of giving. This is why, as a charitable organisation, we have to make use of this time and prepare ourselves in the best possible way, as is expected of us. Unfortunately, the social situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina gets progressively worse from day to day. 45% of the population live below the social minimum. Many do not know where to seek assistance. Winter has come and many have no heating facilities. One wood oven, which can serve for heating and cooking, costs €150. Some need help to pay their debts, others urgently need medicine, the old and helpless not only need someone to visit them, but also to help them (the average pension in Bosnia and Herzegovina is €80 per month), and some do not even know what they will eat today.

Can we help them?

Allow us to be your outstretched hand offering help to those who need it. Let us show them once again that they are not forgotten. We need food, sanitary products, diapers for adults, diapers for children, clothes and shoes. When you go on pilgrimage, remember them. In your luggage, in the car, in the bus, search each place for things that you do not need, but which others could make good use of. Prepare a Christmas gift, tailored to the age and gender of the particular child, and it will bring a smile to the face of that child. We will gladly receive you and tell you about the projects in our office at “Mother’s village”.


You can send your donations to:

UniCredit Zagrebačka banka  BH d.d.

Account: 48-06- 12877-1



Thank you in advance for even the smallest gift.

The Franciscans from Medjugorje