38 pilgrims from islands Walis and Futuna in Medjugorje

date: 23.02.2016.

Fr. Fatauli Amasio  comes from the small country, it is Union of islands called  Walis and Futuna, and are located between New Caledonia and Tahiti in Pacific and they belong to French overseas territory. Fr. Fatauli came to Medjugorje with a group of pilgrims, it is interested that these people have built replica of Medjugorje church of St. James and they have great devotion for Gospa. Fr. Fatauli said that they come from diocese where missionaries of one French congregation were active, and they brought French language to them: „Especially famous was one missionary from 19th century, who was canonised, it is Petar Chanel. As soon as the missionaries arrived, they consecrated the island to the Blessed Virgin Mary and ever since then, there is special devotion to Her among people. Marian feasts are very popular as well as Medjugorje. It was very important for people to come here. There are 38 of us now, we first took pilgrimage to France,then Holy Land, Medjugorje and finally Rome. They say how here they feel fervor of prayer and I am very happy about that. I was deeply impressed by the prayer here, the fact that the whole parish comes to pray the Rosary. The faith is really deep here and that is what I would like to bring to my own parish. Gospa is here to remind us about those things that are the most important in our Christian life, about prayer, Holy Sacraments, fasting, as it is impossible to live Christian Sacraments without prayer. Without prayer one cannot feel vicinity of Jesus and Gospa reminds us about that. We are very familiar with the events in this parish and one parish community decided to build the church that was replica of the one here. We have one whole Marian Centre there. It is a place where many people and families gladly come to pray in the silence.“, said Fr. Fatauli Amasio in the programme of radio „Mir“ Međugorje.