30 Marian Shrines and Places of Prayer, including Medjugorje, will be united with Pope Francis in prayer for pandemics to be stopped

date: 28.04.2021.

30 Marian Shrines and Places of Prayer from all over the world, including Medjugorje, shall pray the Rosary each day in May for the end of this pandemics, as a part of the Initiative under the theme “The whole Church was fervently praying to God,” which recalls a verse in the Book of Acts (12:5). The Initiative behind which the Pope has thrown his support, is organised by the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization and it will involve all the Shrines of the world in a special way, so that they might encourage the faithful, families, and communities to recite the Rosary to pray for an end to the pandemic.

Pope Francis will open the Marian month of prayer on 1 May with a Rosary broadcast across Vatican Media’s platforms.

Each day will see Vatican News broadcast the recitation of the Rosary at 6 PM Rome time from the various Shines taking part in the initiative.

The Pope will also close the initiative on 31 May with another specially-broadcast Rosary.

Rosary in Medjugorje is scheduled to take place on May 15, so the evening prayer programme from the Dome of St. James’ would be rescheduled for one hour. Rosary only on that day would be at 6 PM and Holy Mass at 7 PM.

Holy Father wrote a letter to the faithful last year and invited them to “rediscover the beauty of the Rosary” in their own homes in May.

Last May, Pope Francis was praying a rosary to implore Mary’s intercession and protection amid the pandemic. Joining Pope Francis through the live stream were some of the world’s most famous Marian shrines, including the parish of Medjugorje.

The prayer was led live from the replica of the Lourdes Grotto in the Vatican Gardens on May 30, the eve of Pentecost and the theme of the Rosary was: Persevering and united in prayer, together with Mary (see Acts 1, 14).

The faithful are invited to take part in daily prayer of the Rosary for pandemic to be stopped, especially in May, month of Our Lady.

Along with Medjugorje, where the Rosary would take place on May 15, we bring the list of other places included in this Initiative of Pope Francis, organised by the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization.