2nd Pilgrimage „Marian Vow for Homeland“ coming to Međugorje

date: 16.05.2016.

Numerous associations for students and former soldiers, as well as prayer communities of youth, started in 2015 Pilgrimage called “Marian Vow for Homeland”. This pilgrimage will go through 18 Croatian Marian shrines, from the east to the very south of Croatia. This pilgrimage will start in Osijek on June 12 and after 1700 kilometres and 75 days of walking, their journey will finish in Dubrovnik on August 25, 2016. The route is as follows: Osijek – Vukovar – Vinkovci – Slavonski brod – Daruvar – Bjelovar – Ludbreg – Varaždin – Marija Bistrica –Zagreb – Karlovac - Ogulin – Rijeka- Novi Vinodolski – Gospić – Zadar – Knin – Šibenik – Split – Mostar – Međugorje – Dubrovnik.

„Besides spiritual – religious dimension of this Pilgrimage, Marian Vow wishes to thank for Homeland and wishes to give better insight into the history of Homeland War to all of the youth and to encourage them to reflect on their engagement in better future of our Homeland Croatia. That is the primary goal and the two others purposes are to offer youth opportunity to get to know cultural – historical heritage of Republic of Croatia and to improve the regional development. It is interesting that the route of the pilgrimage will be adopted into the cycling track that will be longest in Republic of Croatia, and to contribute to cycling and village tourism in Republic of Croatia, Marian Vow representatives said. For more information please visit their web site: www.marijanskizavjet.hr.