20th International Prayer Youth Festival began

date: 02.08.2009.

20th International Prayer Youth Festival began in Međugorje on August 1, 2009. After the prayer of the Rosary at 6 p.m., young people from around sixty different world countries gave a brief message in their own language, and then parish priest Fr. Petar Vlašić greeted and welcomed all present. Fr. Ivan Sesar, Provincial of Herzegovinian Franciscans, celebrated the Holy Mass, and there were 342 priests that co-celebrated while the whole programme was simultaneously translated into sixteen different languages. After Holy Mass Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament followed. Although young people are still arriving, this first evening gathered couple of dozens of thousands from all five continents. This Youth Festival with main theme from Holy Gospel “Do whatever He tells you to do!” (Jn, 2, 5) is being directly broadcasted at the radio station “Mir” Međugorje, and German Informative Centre for Međugorje (www.medjugorje.de), Spanish Informative Centre for Međugorje (www.centromedjugorje.org), and Austrian Kath.net (www.kathtube.com) are directly broadcasting on their web pages, both in sound and picture, all programme in Croatian, German, English, Spanish and Italian language. Međugorje International Prayer Youth Festival is becoming one of the most significant gatherings of youth in the whole world. The Festival continues with the programme until Thursday, August 6 and Holy Mass at 5 a.m. on the top of the Cross Mountain. (foto)