date: 06.11.2017.

The 18th International Seminar for married couples will be held

in Medjugorje from November 8-11, 2017


"That your love may increase ever more" (Phil 1:9)

In Our Lady's School




Wednesday, November 8, 2017

2 pm                    Registration of the participants

4 pm                     Introduction to the seminar

5 pm                     Evening Prayer Programme in the church


Thursday,  November 9, 2017

9 am          Morning Prayer

9:30 am      Lecture, sharing

2:00 pm      Prayer on Cross Mountain

5 pm                     Evening Prayer Programme in the church


Friday,  November 10, 2017

7 am          Prayer on Apparition Hill

9:30 am      Lecture, sharing

12 pm         Silent Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament  

3 pm                     Lecture, sharing

                   Preparation for confession

5 pm                     Evening Prayer Programme in the church


Saturday, November 11, 2017

9 am          Morning Prayer

9:30 am      Lecture, sharing

11 am         Experiences and testimonies

12 am         Final Holy Mass


 Speakers at the seminar are: fra Marinko Šakota and p. Mijo Nikić

Father Marinko Šakota was born in Čitluk in 1968. He completed the elementary school, as well as the first class of the High school in Čitluk. Then he felt the Franciscan calling and went to the Franciscan seminary in Visoko where he completed the second class of the Grammar school, and the remaining two he completed in the Jesuit Grammar School in Dubrovnik where he later graduated. He put on the Franciscan habit on July 15, 1987 in Humac where he spent his first year of the Novitiate. He started studying philosophy and theology in Sarajevo at the Franciscan Theology (1989-1990), continued in Zagreb at the Jesuit College (1990-1992), and he completed his studies in Fulda, Germany, where he graduated in 1995. He gave eternal vows in Široki Brijeg in 1993. He was ordained as deacon in Zagreb in 1996 and as a priest in Frohnleiten in 1996. He first served in Franciscan monastery in Innsbruck where he spent a year as an assistant, then as a spiritual assistant in Frohnleiten, and as an assistant parish priest in Augsburg. He served as the assistant parish priest in Mostar for three years, and was then appointed as the parish priest in Gradnići for seven years. He has been serving as the assistant parish priest in Međugorje since September 2010, and as the parish priest in the same parish since 2013.

p. Mijo Nikić - a priest, member of the Society of Jesus, born in 1953 in Gornji Zovik, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He comes from a large family of twelve children. He graduated Psychology and  Theology in Zagreb at Jesuit College. He obtained Master's degree in Abyssal Psychology at  the Papal University Gregoriana in Rome. In 2002, he defended doctor's dissertation at the Catholic Theological Faculty in Zagreb with theme: "Image of God in the new religious movements". Ever since 1992, he has been teaching Psychology, Psychology of Religion and History of Religions at the Faculty of Arts of the Society of Jesus in Zagreb. He teaches also Sacraments of Reconciliation and Anointment of the Sick, Mariology and Eschatology at the Theological Institute of the Society of Jesus.    

He published several articles in various magazines and he participates in local and international symposiums. He is editor of several publications: New religious movements (1997); Reincarnation and/or Resurrection  (1998); Faith and Health (2007); Illness and health in religions (2011). He published the following books: Image of God in religious sects and in new religious movements (2003); Psychology of a family (2004); As seen in the eyes of psychologist theologian  (2015); Biblical Psychotherapy (2015); How to prevail the fear with faith (2005); Wrong and true images of God (2011).  He has been conducting spiritual exercises for priests, nuns, families as well as psychological - spiritual seminars for lawyers,  managers and others about the role of the spirituality in stress management. He is the president of the Foundation Bishop Josip Lang that cares for poor and elderly people.   

He was a member of the Papal Commission for investigation of Medjugorje phenomenon as the expert in psychology.

The seminar will be held in the hall behind the church. Participation per couple for the seminar is 40 €. Reservations may be made via email: seminar.marija@medjugorje.hr, or fax on the number: +387 36 651 999 (for Marija Dugandžić). The number of participants is limited due to the space constraints and therefore we kindly ask that you send your registrations as soon as possible. In the same way, we ask that all couples, seminar participants organise their own accommodation in Međugorje.

For the purpose of the seminar organization and your own safety, please consider yourself registered for seminar only when you receive our written confirmation. If you did not receive our reply, it means that we have not received your application and that you are not registered, because you forwarded your e-mail to a wrong address or you have got a virus which blocks your e-mails automatically. Consequently, you may consider yourself registered for the seminar only if you had received a positive response.