1300 participants at the 3rd Meeting of Prayer Communities, Groups, Homes of Prayers, Associations united in the Coordination in the Renewal in the Holy Spirit

date: 23.04.2017.

The third Meeting of Prayer Communities, Groups, Homes of Prayers, Associations united in the Coordination in the Renewal in the Holy Spirit was held in Medjugorje from April 19-23, with the participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina too. This was at the same time the celebration of the 50th Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Croatia and in the world. Lordan Ljubenkov and Damir Zukan, the National Coordinators of the Renewal in the Holy Spirit were our guests at Radio Mir Medjugorje and this is what Mr. Zukan told us about the programme of this Meeting in two parts:

 „The first part is formation, the school of charisma, simply we are trying to work more on formation of people so this could be something they could apply in everyday life. Popes spoke about the communities, especially John Paul II, that communities are schools of love and fellowship and this type of formation teaches us to take it to everyday life, in the life of our communities and each one of us. The second part of the programme was testimony of communities from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1300 of us gathered from various parts and this is one special manifestation of our unity. Communities from the Renewal are all promoting grace of the outpour of the Holy Spirit, grace of baptism in the Holy Spirit, for we need that grace to live what God gives us in our everyday life. It is hard to go forward without the Holy Spirit”, said Mr. Zukan, who also spoke about the first meeting held in Medjugorje in 2015:  „Many communities come to Medjugorje individually seeking here their spiritual renewal and strength. During the prayer, we all felt calling to come here to our Mother. The first meeting gathered around 65 communities and now nearly 100 of them are here. Each year these meetings are growing more as people recognise calling to communion.”

Mr. Ljubenkov said that for him too Medjugorje is a special place of peace, love that is witnessed in such a simple and pure way due to many who come here seeking for the same, but all find God’s peace. All of that takes place in prayer, by graces given to Mother’s intercession. She is the one who calls and invites her children to come and to be here together. As a child, I was ill and together with my mom, granny and my aunt, we came here to pray for the outcome of the surgery I was to have later on. Many people said afterwards that I was in prayer in the constant intercession of our Mother. I feel Mother’s prayers. Medjugorje is a special grace for many. We were blessed to recognise that grace.”

Mr. Zukan has been coming to Medjugorje for the last twenty years: „The first time I arrived, I had the experience of God working in me and I received peace. That peace seems to lead you and invite you all the time to return back. I see Medjugorje as my personal spiritual growth. As I was coming closer to Gospa and to God, I began to notice things that very highly important for the Church. People came and pray here in various languages, they celebrate the Eucharist, adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, and to be part of that communion is really special thing. I try to spend time in silence here each year and I come here with my family.“

Prayer communities “God’s Victory” and “Heart of Jesus” performed in the night of prayer and worship on the White Dome on Saturday night. This event was part of this celebration and it was live broadcasted on radio Mir Medjugorje. (photos)