10-year old from Guatemala: „I fast on Wednesdays and Fridays“

date: 17.03.2018.

Many pilgrims are each day arriving to Medjugorje, each one with their own story, thanksgiving and prayers. Our journalists had opportunity to talk to Nicolas Liarena from Guatemala who is here with his parents. He shared his personal experience of faith with us and told us why he likes more prayer than playing, his thoughts about Medjugorje: “We came to Medjugorje like so many before us, because Our Lady invited us. This is a beautiful experience for us, to be in this holy land. I wanted to come here because I wanted to convert and to be closer to Jesus and Mary. I love being here, since I am able to be with Gospa while here. For me, it was wonderful to go and to climb Apparition Hill and to pray. I wanted to climb in my bare feet, so I could offer a sacrifice to Gospa. It was fun to pray and to do this sacrifice. I love praying more than playing. Instead of playing, I am much happier with my Heavenly Father. When I pray, I feel the presence of Heaven with me!

The most important in my life is that I love to think about my Jesus who endured so much for me and I love to console Him with my prayers. What I like the most is when the whole family gathers and we pray together. I fast on Wednesdays and Fridays and I try to give sacrifices of what I like the most, since I know that is what God likes so much. I prefer to spend time with Him than to pray. When I climbed Apparition Hill, I felt Gospa was walking with me, but when I came to the top, I could feel the presence of Jesus. I presented Him all sinners and Gospa gave me a special gift, so I would understand what she wants to say to me, to understand what she wants from me and fulfill what she was asking of me, so I could with the others save this world, said 10-years old Nicolas from Guatemala. (foto)