„Pope's torch“ in Medjugorje

date: 19.05.2008.

In this year's Peace Marathon from Grude to Medjugorje also participated runners of the International organization „Fiaccola di Lolek“ carrying a burning torch called “Light of John Paul II” which was first lit on Pope’s tomb by the postulator of the cause of John Paul II, and blessed by the Cardinal Stanislas Dziwisz, secretary of the late Pope. This group was also blessed by the Pope Benedict XVI on March 19, this year.

The sportsmen and thousand of torchbearers crossed with this torch more then 17.000 kilometers already.

The group which carried the torch in the Peace marathon counted 8 runners. They run before other runners from Grude to Medjugorje and so symbolically illuminated their way to Gospa. On Saturday evening, the torch was burning in front of the Blessed Sacrament during the evening Adoration. On Sunday, they celebrated in Medjugorje the anniversary of the late Pope and participated in the prayer program, and on Monday continued in direction of Zagreb.

More about it: www.korazym.org