„One feels here the presence of our Heavenly Mother and peace“

date: 01.09.2015.

Bernarda Brunović, from Switzerland, even though she is blind and cannot see the world around her, is very much grateful to God for the gift of life and she lives the fullness of life. Beranrda is a student of theology and is involved in singing. She comes frequently to Medjugorje, especially for the Youth Festival. „The faith was always at the first place in my life. We cannot do anything without God. Young people should not be ashamed to say that they believe in God, as all those who are on His way are on the right way. This is my sixth visit here and the fifth time to come for the Youth Festival. I visited many destinations for pilgrims, perhaps the Holy Land was the most special for me and Medjugorje is right next to it. One feels here the presence of our Heavenly Mother and peace. So many young people gather here from all over the world. They speak different languages and yet we all understand each other. Love that is here cannot be described”, said Bernarda.