„Medjugorje is a place of peace”

date: 10.11.2013.

Fr. Jamail Samal Lotrivera from Caribbean and Fr. Perkas Danilo Hali from Indian province participated last summer at the General Assembly of Dominican Order that was held in Trogir in Croatia. During that visit they came to Medjugorje and gave interview at the radio station “Mir” Medjugorje. For the last few years Fr. Perkas Danilo Hali works in Rome, in the Roman Curia. He heard about Medjugorje from his brothers Dominicans, who came here three years ago. “They told me I should come to Medjugorje during my visit to Croatia because it was very near. I wanted to see what was attracting so many people to come here and how they lived their faith, and what could we as Dominicans, preachers, learn from all that.” Fr. Jamail said that he was on Apparition Hill and regardless of the fact that they did not have a guide, people still climbed on their own and prayed. “As I sat next to the Statue of Mother of God, the Queen of Peace, I felt peace as well as all the time when I was in the church and at the outside altar. There is some special peace here and I really learned that this is the place of peace.” Fr. Jamail added that he heard about Medjugorje when he was 20: “I read books about Medjugorje and this place was always in my mind, especially when people told me that I needed to come here. I came because I had to and I promised to pray for them. The most powerful message is the one that Gospa loves us, that we need to love other people in the same way she loves us and that is the most important message of the Gospel.”