„Marian Vow for Homeland“ comes to Medjugorje

date: 19.08.2015.

HVIDRA, Association for former Soldiers of Croatia as well as student associations SKAC Palma and MAGIS, as well as many other communities of students and former soldiers from the recent homeland war, organised from June 21, the pilgrimage „Marian vow for Homeland“, that will go through all bigger Marian shrines from the east to the south of Croatia. Pilgrims are going to pass through Bosnia and Herzegovina and Medjugorje on their journey to the very south of Croatia. The purpose of this pilgrimage is to continue fighting for peace, justice and genuine freedom of Croatia. If pilgrims wish to join this event, one can do that in various stages, for few days or for one day only, as every step matters in joining prayer to Our Lady for better Croatia. The 9th stage of Marian Vow began on August 16 from Sinj to Međugorje.

Anđelko Đerek, spoke for the programme of radio station „Mir“ Međugorje and invited all pilgrims and people who have desire to join this pilgrimage: „Everyone with the open heart can join this walk, this prayer for our Homeland. We opened a web site www.marijanskizavjet.hr, and Facebook page where they can find the newest information about this pilgrimage. We are trying to leave from this towns as soon as possible, depending on the schedule of Holy Masses it is usually around 7-7.30 a.m. We ask our hosts to bless us before we leave and after the Holy Mass we continue with our journey. We will stay in Medjugorje for two days and then we will walk towards direction of Slano and Dubrovnik, where this pilgrimage ends“.

Daily relations:

(9th stage– Sinj – Međugorje):

16.8. Sinj – Trilj (12,6 km)

17.8. Trilj – Aržano (26,9 km)

18.8. Aržano – Donji Proložac (21,4 km)

19.8. Donji Proložac – Drinovci (20,7 km)

20.8. Drinovci – Vitina (21,4 km)

21.8. Vitina – Međugorje (20 km)